Fyrefly || 10x || PvP || Major and Custom Plug-ins || Free Skins

50-Slot Server || x10 Gather with ZLevels || No Decay || Loot+ || Bi-Weekly Wipe

  Connection Info:

If you have trouble locating the Fyrefly server in the in-game Server Browser, press F1, copy the following command, and then paste it into the F1 console.


 Reboot Schedule:

Every 12 hours at 12 AM and 12 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

 Wipe Schedule:

Fyrefly wipes on the 20th and first Thursday of every month.* **

* The first Thursday of every month is usually when a "forced wipe" occurs due to Rust updates.

** This is the schedule we attempt to maintain but under certain conditions may wipe early. The decision to wipe early or not is usually put to a vote on Discord.

 Server Description:

This server has very active staff members to ensure there is no cheating, exploiting, or game-breaking bugs. We constantly monitor the server uptime, packet loss, incoming traffic and player communications. Our Development Team works close together to work on plug-ins, fix bugs and to make the players happy with their gameplay as much as possible.

Donations are welcomed, we have five tiers of donor packages. You are certainly not expected or required to donate.  All proceeds go towards our bill, new plug-ins, and custom plug-ins to bring to the server. We are not a pay to win server. You get conveniences for supporting the server but nothing that would detriment the player-base.

Contact Fitzy, Acidics or Irish for help in-game. Utilize our /help and /info plug-ins while in-game for more information regarding contact methods, plug-ins, rules, and specific server information.