Plug-ins and Commands

Plug-in Commands Available to Everyone


  • /ad - disables automatic door closing behind you
  • /ad [Value] - enables and sets the amount of seconds before door closes behind you (can be between 5 and 20 seconds)


  • /autolock code - Use this command to change the default code which gets set whenever you place a door or container and also have a codelock in your inventory.


  • /warp list - Shows a list of available warps
  • /warp to [WarpName] - Warps you to the location
  • /back - Teleports you to your original position
  • /cancel - Cancels your pending warp


  • /bgrade [1-4] - Use this command to auto-upgrade each building part as you place it to the selected grade.
    (1 = Wood ... 4 = Armored)
  • /bgrade t [1-999] - Use this command to set the time in which bgrade stays active before disabling.


  • /up [1-4] - If you have the required materials in your inventory, this command will upgrade your entire base to the selected grade of material. (1 = Wood ... 4 = Armored) If you do not have the required materials, a message will display in chat detailing how much you have and how much more you need to complete the task.
  • /down [1-4] - Downgrades your entire base to a particular grade of material.


  • /clan create [ClanTAG] - This will create a clan. We have a modified version of Clans that allows you to have allies and more.
    (6 Member Clan Limit)
  • /clan help - Provides in-game help information for Clans


  • /share help - This will display commands in-game for this plugin


  • /balance - this will give you your balance that you may use in the /shop and /buy menus
  • /transfer [PlayerName] [Amount] - Transfer money to player


  • /friend add [Name] - Use this to be 'friends' with a player, making it easier for your co-existence and allows you to set a home in friends base.


  • /shop - Use the shop to buy/sell a wide variety of items/resources


  • /kit - Will display your redeemable kits, including the daily


  • /masterlock - Use this command while looking at an unlocked codelock on your TC. This will toggle masterlock on and off.
  • /opendoors - Opens all doors that have the same lock code as your TC codelock.
  • /closedoors - Closes all doors that have the same lock code as your TC codelock.
  • Note: All linked code locks will share the same code as the master lock, as well as share the same authorized player list. Upon enabling master lock, all currently unlocked code locks will sync with the master lock. Also, when placing a code lock while master lock is enabled, the lock will automatically link with the master lock and lock.

NTeleportation (Homes)

  • /tpr [PlayerName] - Sends a request to a player for tp
  • /tpa - Accepts a tpa request
  • /tpc - Cancels a sent request or teleport
  • /tphelp - Shows teleportation help
  • /home add [HomeName] - Sets a home location where you are standing
  • /home list - Lists all the homes you have set
  • /home remove [HomeName] - Removes a previous home by that name
  • /home [HomeName] - Teleports you to home by that name


  • /players or /who - Use to display online players


  • Note: This allows you to detonate C4 with a RF Transmitter set to the correct frequency.
  • /re - Show all the options
  • /re set [1-9999] - Set the frequency to a numerical value between 1-9999
  • /re toggle - Toggle the explosives to be remote or not.
  • Note: Only works on C4. Detonation range set to 100 meters. (Disabled by default, only toggles for the user who executes the command)


  • /remove - Enables a tool that allows you to remove building blocks and deployables by looking at them and clicking them.


  • /skin - Use this to customize the look of various items


  • /buy - Use this command to see a list of available vehicles
  • /buy [VehicleName] - Use to purchase the desired vehicle
  • /spawn [VehicleName] - Use to spawn in your purchased vehicle
  • /recall [VehicleName] - Use to recall your previously spawned vehicle
  • Note: Vehicles need only be purchased once per wipe, even if destroyed


  • /where - After respawning, use this command to locate your body. It will provide you with a distance and direction.

Plug-in Commands Available to Donors

See our Donate page for information regarding which donor rank gets access to what plug-in commands.


  • /prod - Use this command while looking at a building block or item to determine who made it/owns it.

ExtendedRecycler (Craftable Recycler)

  • /recycler.craft - Use this command to craft a recycler capable of being placed down in your base. It requires: 50,000 scrap, 250,000 metal fragments, 50,000 HQM, and 1,000 gears.


  • This plug-in does not require a command to work, but it should be noted that when you attempt to place an auto-turret on the ceiling it will appear red, as if you cannot place it, but you can.
  • Also, be aware that they are rather sensitive to stability changes around them. Thus, they should be (if at all possible) the last things you place.

Instant Recycler

  • /rec - Will open a screen similar to that of when you loot a small box. The slots on the right are where you'll drop items you wish to recycle and they will be recycled instantly. Note: This isn't quite as efficient as using an actual recycler.


  • /p h - Displays jPipe help in-game
  • /p - Starts the main jPipe process. Whack the first container with your hammer, then the second container. The pipe will flow from the first to the second container. The pipe can be upgraded like a wall or floor can, from twig to armored. The higher the grade of material, the more item filter slots you'll have and the greater the flow between containers will be.

Lock-On Rockets

  • /craft.lockon - Use this command with 15 tech trash, 1 rocket, and 1 CCTV camera in your inventory to craft a lock-on rocket.


  • /sil [URL] - Places a .PNG or .JPEG image onto a sign/painting at which you are looking

UpLifted (Elevators)

  • /newlift - Use this to create an elevator while looking at a square floor tile.
    (Requires Metal Fragments and Gears)