Fyrefly Voting Information

Please, be so kind as to visit one or (preferrably) all of the following sites and cast your vote for Fyrefly.

Vote for Fyrefly on TopG.org!

It is super easy to vote on this site. Simply click the image above and you will be taken there. Once there, click the "Vote" button. You will be asked to click on one more button, "Submit Vote." Do so and you are golden. Thank you!!!

Vote for Fyrefly on Rust-Servers.net!

Voting for Fyrefly on Rust-Server.net is only slightly more complicated than with TopG.org, but the in-game rewards are worth it!

First, while in-game type "/vote" into chat (without the quotations, of course.)

Next, click the image above to go to the Rust-Servers.net Fyrefly voting page.

Click on the "Vote" button. You will then need to put a check in the "I agree to Rust-Server.net's Privacy Policy" checkbox and click on the "Sign in through STEAM" icon.

Then, login using your Steam login information. (This is necessary as it is how we're able to determine who voted and grant them rewards in-game.)

Now, for those sweet rewards! Return to the game, remove your clothes, and clear your hotbar. Enter "/vote" once more into chat and you will be hansomely rewarded!

Thank you, sincerely, and we hope you enjoy your rewards!